Having Fun Understanding Differences with Kid's Night In Box

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My husband and I have done date-in-a-box before, just to try to spend some fun time together after the kid's bedtimes-- but you guys!

Night In A Box has a monthly kid's box! 

A pre-planned play date had me giddy for the idea of great content and little required effort, but then this box we received made me stop in my tracks.

This book was a play date and a lesson on differences.

In case you don't know why this means more to me, take a second to read about our newest addition, Arthur. He was born with a different eye, wears glasses, and a prosthetic. One of the very first things my three-year-old pointed out when we brought his baby brother home was, "Hey mommy, he has one big eye and one little eye!"

Which makes you chuckle and love the innocence and honesty of a toddler.

But also makes you realize that this is the very first time of a lifetime of people pointing out ways that our son is different and not totally "normal" looking.

Enter this Kid's Night In Box:

This monthly box was all about differences, including a little story on Louis Braille and a lesson on teaching kids Braille. Was this box made for a mom of a vision-impaired baby?! I think so!

We dug into the box with the boys' best friend, Luke. Everyone enjoyed the surprisingly easy but impressive fish snack while they listened to the story. I couldn't believe how easy it was to whip up, plus everything needed for it was included in the box. 

After a snack and story, they each made their own special fish. We had a deemed puffer fish, a twisty green fish, and a few more. The boys all had fun and it didn't give off an overly-educational push, which was even better because they didn't even notice that they were learning!

This box was so great, I want to share it with my awesome readers! I'm giving away THREE boxes to share! At the bottom of this post you can find the entry form, and it will run from Tuesday March 27th until Friday April 6th in time to pick out which box you'd like and ship by April 13th!

I can't wait to see what the next Kid's Night In Box is... or to do our Date Night In Box either!

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  1. I love everything about this. What a great concept!

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  6. I loved the theme for this kids night in box. I loved that it helped kiddos build their understanding of people in particularly their friends and how some may be different.