Making What Matters: Building Up Community with Moms

This summer, I've been pretty proud of a few accomplishments. This article meant a lot to me and caused the intended reader to cry, a few new and exciting opportunities presented themselves to me, and I just recently established a community Mom's Coffee Hour meet-up!

As you've probably read already, we live in an unincorporated small town. Although it's small, it's chop-full of young families with many babies and kids. A few houses are spread out with acreage, but a few are centrally located, and at the center of town is a church.

Ever since my first baby, I've dreamt of a local get-together for moms of babies in the area. It can be such an isolating time, especially when you are physically isolated out in the country. After creating a Facebook group to rally some of the local moms, I gauged their interest in this idea of a get-together. Once other moms connected and loved the idea, too, I reached out to the church as the ideal location. 
The great thing about living in a small town is the ability to just reach out to anyone in town! Everyone has a common interest in building up this small and close-knit community. After a short exchange and official approval, a Mom's Monthly Monday Coffee Hour was born! (Say that ten times fast!)

The first Monday we meet will be in August, officially. I am so proud of this little step that may make a difference for any isolated mom or our community as a whole. We are so much better when we build each other up instead of compare! Here's hoping to inspire YOU to make a difference if you have an idea for your community.

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