Why I Make Cards

“A letter always seemed to me like immortality because it is the mind alone without corporeal friend.” Emily Dickinson

I've been sitting on this post for a long, long time. I knew that I needed to think and ponder the exact words to express my feelings on my chosen hobby, here, because I do have a few strong reasons behind my cause.

Most obvious, I enjoy making things. I like to be creative and create art. I've always been interested in drawing, crafting, calligraphy, and journaling (I avoided painting, it's messy). After a big conflict or life event, I often need space to think and process. Usually journaling or writing a letter is the way that I figure out exactly how I feel. On special days like holidays and birthdays, I usually can create a full letter of sentiments and conversation that I've previously kept hidden, making that card a little something of a gift in itself. I'm a private person, but letters and cards were an open and permanent invitation into my specific thoughts. For this reason, I never put a pre-written sentiment inside of the cards I make. I want them filled by the sender with their own thoughts and feelings. That's what matters.

Speaking of the permanence I feel with cards and the expressed written word, I save cards. Again, because of the importance that can be written inside of them. Even if a person's feelings change, life changes, circumstances change, that moment always existed. Those feelings always existed. And you have proof in your own hand. What a powerful idea.

Even more powerful is the gratitude I feel for the people who choose my cards! Selecting the delivery-device for your personal thoughts and feelings is a selective process, and it's humbling to think that any card I've made can be that for someone else. Cards and letters are something that cannot be replaced with time and technology. Nothing can replace the written word.

On the same note, I've found a value in scrapbooking for the same reason. A personally decorated page for a certain event or time, including a written memo and photos- no baby book or photo album can compare to the weight of love within a scrapbook. Along with the meaning is the possibility for creativity. It's an emotional and creative outlet to sit down and create these designs and layouts with meaningful moments from your own life. A scrapbook can be kept forever as a treasure with each page holding a dear memory and feeling, the same as a card, or a note, or a journal.

Do you have a hobby or creative outlet?