Seasons of Life

While this blog is still forming, changing, and molding to meet the vision I dreamt for it, a large part of me continues debating on the aspects of motherhood I want to touch and those I'd prefer to keep private.

One thing is for certain, I would have never began this creative journey before my family grew.

Transitions in life can be hard and messy. I am still embarrassed and scarred over my preteen years, and then transitioning to marriage is so different than the movies and stories describe. Add your first child and there's life's biggest, messiest, and hardest transition to date. But, this transition I'm in right now is... fun?

We always spoke of a large family, and I always imagined having three children. Even throughout my second pregnancy, I'd refer to him as my middle child. Once he arrived, he fit so perfectly into our lives, I can't remember not having him here. He fit so perfectly into our family, that he filled it up completely.

And that's what we are, complete.

At least for now, I mean. I can't predict the future. ;) And for now, I am just excited! I'm excited for this new journey and all of these new interests and new ventures to explore, but mostly I'm excited to enjoy my family and watch my babies grow. This season of life, right here, is sweet.
The sweetest season, yet.