Homemade Hometown was born off of the love of homemaking and handmaking, going back to your roots, living in a small rural community, and to inspire each reader to make their own close-knit hometown within their own community; a way to get back to your own roots and share your life with your neighbor in a value that's just overlooked today.

So many different facets drew this path for Homemade Hometown; born off Etsy, inspired by papercrafts, extending into an entire lifestyle, a blog is as fluid as the author behind it. This natural fluidity is ultimately what led to the additional scope of motherhood. What began as an outlet separate of family became unnatural to avoid-while so many mothers claim that they lose themselves once they became a mom and struggle to find their own identity afterwards, my story is opposite:

I was born to be a mom, and within motherhood, I found myself.

While I enjoy making our house a home and creating pretty things out of nothing, and I'm going to keep treasuring old-fashioned values, the written word, and a signed-and-sealed letter, nothing besides motherhood can amount to this purpose in life.

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