Labor Day Feature: Hello, Brookie!

Already announced on Instagram a few different times, but not yet on the blog, 
it's the perfect time to welcome Brooke to Homemade Hometown.

Brooke is a stay-at-home mom to her two adorable toddlers, and is a serious crafting guru. She is a wiz at pinterst-worthy parties, projects, and breakfasts, and funny enough, is from the very same Hometown. With a similar passion of homemaking, handmaking, and motherhood, it was a natural fit to join forces.

So why is this the perfect time to officially introduce Brooke? It all comes down to the story of how we met:

Going to the same High School in a small hometown, we both knew of each other, but never met nor spoke due to different grades and different friends. However, her husband was always a friend of mine.

Fast forward a handful of years, and I'm pregnant with our first son and my husband is looking at a shed for our backyard and scores a great deal on an already assembled model, but has no way of transporting it...yawn, I know. Nine months pregnant, I can remember very little (ha! pregnancy brain!), but I remember Brooke's husband, and how his family owns an entire auto servicing company, and he would enjoy taking out the snow plows and the tow trucks and always was willing to help when I was in a bind. I can't find his number or reach him, but I knew I was mutual friends on Facebook with his wife, so I message her for his contact information. Soon enough he's arranging to put this shed on a flatbed tow truck to bring it way out to the country for us. It's always helpful to have a few crazy enough friends, right?

Once we have everything arranged and both husbands are meeting to pick up said shed, the whole plan gets ruined when my water ended breaking during this process! After calling my husband and wasting a bunch of everyone's time, our oldest son arrived the next day. Through all of the commotion, the guys did manage to reschedule a new time to handle the shed business, but Brooke asked to tag along in order to meet the new baby, while she was far along in her second pregnancy, herself! So once we finally got this shed into our yard, I met Brooke and her son for the very first time, when she got to meet me and hold my newborn son as well!

So, there is the reason for the perfect timing: a "labor" day surprise for Labor Day!