Introducing: The Scarlet Heart Collection

I cannot wait to tell you about this news!!!

In a windswept week of great news for Homemade Hometown, I am very excited to share with you that there will be a special series of handmade cards being featured at The Scarlet Heart Boutique in Green Bay, Wisconsin! The very first way to purchase my handmade cards in person!

These cards are unique and special, not only because each and every one is handmade, but because they all are in the new Homemade Hometown special Scarlet Heart Collection. They can only be purchased at the Scarlet Heart and they offer a slightly different kind of vibe, texture, and composition while combining both the Homemade Hometown and The Scarlet Heart's style!

Each card in the Scarlet Heart Collection is made on recycled kraft paper with a hidden heart somewhere on the card. The current collection consists of decoupage blank cards, a love card, birthday and celebration cards, and thank you and a well-wishes cards.

It was a process to try different techniques and styles, but I am extremely proud of the end result and I'm looking forward to learning and refining this collection as time goes on!

 Thanks for sharing in my excitement!