Ready, Set, Craft: Fabric

Joining in on a craft linkup with other bloggers, a different material is chosen each time, and each blogger takes that material and goes on their own from there! 

This month was fabric, and I am NOT talented with a sewing machine, so I knew I had to find another option to incorporate fabric into a craft.

Another project I've been wanting to do for some time was a toddler-friendly felt board. There is one at the local library and it's always a hit, and really works for quite a few age-groups.

And so, the fabric of my choice was felt! Is that cheating? I'm not sure. ;)

The process was very simple (my kind of project). I had felt pieces, a poster board, and a glue gun. 

I laid out my backdrop as I saw fit and glued away, first attaching the different pieces to one another, and then pulling the felt pieces tight around the board while securing with the glue gun. 

Once I finished the backdrop, I was able to make different shapes and cutouts to whatever I saw fit! Easy peasy and plenty fun